Our Mission

We want to be your building partner for life.Rick Backus, President, The Mill Shop
The Mill Shop is a team of experts dedicated to designing, crafting, and installing the finest commercial millwork and casework, quickly, at a reasonable price. We are in the business of building more than carpentry elements for interiors; we want to be your building partner for life.

Millwork Design

Millwork design is the first stage of the building process for all interior adornments such as cabinets, countertops or ceiling trims for any client who doesn’t already have the design, shop drawings, and blueprints that The Mill Shop uses to create a cost estimate and ultimately build from. While nearly all of our Fortune 500 and other established brand clients already have these drawings, we also enjoy working with startup and challenger brands.


Whether you are renovating an entire floor of an office building, creating a clubhouse interior, a retail store or restaurant, or any other commercial interior, millwork is essential. It encompasses many different products – from shelves and wall paneling to doors, windows, moldings, and trims. Millwork plays a central part, along with furniture, in creating the vibe or atmosphere that an interior environment conveys.


Casework is about making boxes for display, storage and use. Manufactured from metal, wood, and plastic, casework is another key part of creating the unique, appealing environment that your customers, clients or members want to be in and feel at home in. Often adorned with hardware and frequently performing a vital function, all of our casework is created in-house to meet your exacting standards.