Blair McDonough


Blair McDonough was born in Santa Barbara, California, and works as a Carpenter for the Mill Shop. After relocating to Los Angeles, he spent much of his childhood bowling with his parents until his teenage years. During those years, he got into skateboarding, BMX, and surfing, leading an active lifestyle.

Blair has always considered himself an artist as he enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, and building. Despite his many interests, he still loves and makes time for bowling and building activities. His favorite foods include Italian food and sushi and one of his favorite places to be is the beach. Outside of work, Blair likes to spend time with his family and his cats. He enjoys watching comedy, kicking back with movies, and eating pasta.

A quick word from Blair - “My whole life I’ve been an artist, I like to draw, paint, sculpt and build. I have loved woodworking ever since the seventh grade in wood shop and it’s a pleasure to work for such a fine establishment.”