Edgar Manriquez

Project Manager and Estimator

Edgar Manriquez grew up in the small town of Niland, California. He spent most of his childhood outdoors playing and helping his dad wherever he could. Today, Edgar lives in Escondido, California and spends his free time either hanging out with his family, grilling, listening to music, or trying new burger spots.

A typical day in the life of Edgar begins with coffee and ends with beer. His favorite place to eat is anywhere that serves a good burger and a solid west coast IPA. That said, Societe Brewing is a tough spot to beat. He’s also a big fan of Chachos Tacos.

Here’s a quick word from Edgar. “I love having open discussion about life and about football. I love working out, fishing and reading different books. I love Green Bay Packer football, watching the Vikings lose, and watching The Office with my wife and two boys. I’m passionate about simplicity and authenticity. A great way to detach from stress/worry is doing what you love and enjoying how you do things. I believe that understanding the balance of things and the necessity for sustainability in what we do is very important in how we live each day.”