Custom Casework

What is Custom Casework?

Custom casework is about making boxes for display, storage and use. This includes cabinetry, bookcases, shelves, benches, tables, desks or other boxes that allow decorative objects to be exhibited, items to be stored, and surfaces to be used for greeting, writing, selling, eating and other activities.

Manufactured from metal, wood and plastic, casework is a key part of creating the unique, attractive environment that your customers, clients or members want to be in and feel at home in. Depending on the finish desired and budgetary considerations, casework may have a solid wood, wood-veneer faced or plastic-laminate finish. These cabinets or boxes can have open shelves, drawers or doors, and can be installed on a wall or floor, against a wall, or in the middle of a room with a counter above. Often adorned with hardware and frequently performing an essential function, all the casework that The Mill Shop installs is created in-house to meet your exacting standards. This is different than the common approach to casework. Here’s how:

While casework and millwork both fall under the umbrella of carpentry, millwork is produced in a mill and is custom made to fit the exact dimensions of the interior space – produced one time for one unique setting. Casework, on the other hand, is mass-produced or “stock” goods that you can purchase ready-made, off the shelf. In our case, it’s more of a combination of the two.

Whether you send us the shop drawings and blueprints that we use to build and install, or you work with us on the design, we produce all of the casework in-house. While not as uniquely custom as millwork, we rely on a one-time design that we fabricate in multiples in-house, then install at several or all of your locations. The big difference between traditional casework and what we produce is the quality of the work. The casework we create has no filler panels and has a fit and finish far superior to anything you could pull “off the shelf.”

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