Custom Millwork

What is Millwork?

In its simplest form, custom millwork is any custom carpentry element installed in a building. And, while we give many examples of the types of custom millwork we specialize in below, none of these address the purpose of custom millwork, which is our “raison d'être” – the reason for our existence. The purpose of millwork is to create a unique, appealing environment that people want to be in and feel at home in.

In our work with clients, we always start with the purpose of the work. This focus helps us to stay connected to why we’re in business; it also reminds us that our that our primary job is understanding that you’re creating a vibe, an atmosphere, a space – and to help you create that – whether that is renovating an entire floor of an office building, creating a clubhouse interior, a store or restaurant, or any other commercial interior.

Millwork encompasses many different products – from bookcases and entertainment centers to doors, windows, moldings, and trims. Here at The Mill Shop, we specialize in the following types of millwork:

  • Custom cabinets for Commercial Offices & Kitchens, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and more
  • Custom Countertops for Office Kitchens and Work Surfaces
  • Ceiling Trims, including Embellishments, Beams, and Extensions
  • Chair Rails & Wainscot
  • Columns & Cornices
  • Interior wall access points
  • Interior Trim – Wall Crown, Coves, Casing, Panel Mold, Caps, and Baseboard Moldings
  • Cladding, Paneling, and Corner Beads
  • Door & Window Casing

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With each project, we collaborate with you to understand the look and feel that you are intending to create in your interior space(s). Once we agree on that, our skilled craftsmen go to work putting the materials together based on your specifications: your budget, the durability of the materials needed, the colors, and the overall vibe you want to create. Then, we install those elements to create the final product to fulfill the purpose: the atmosphere you were going for in the first place.